• GDPR Compliance Audit

    for your Company Group

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    GDPR Compliance Audits

    We're simulating an investigation

    by the authorities


    Our experts simulate an investigation by the data protection authority. Here we systematically search for weak points which would lead to significant GDPR penalties for your company. As part of the audit, we execute over 500 compliance checks in the following categories:


    • Legal checks
    • Organizational checks
    • IT-technical checks

    The focus of our audits is on data privacy breaches that are publicly visible to third parties. Therefore, the assistance of your employees or access to your IT systems is not required.


    For the execution of the external audit there is no internal effort for your company.

    We help you to detect

    externally visible GDPR breaches


    As a result of our comprehensive compliance audit, you will receive a detailed overview of all identified GDPR violations of your company and its subsidiaries. This includes a rough estimation of the risk potential and the possible level of fines.


    We will not only help you to identify externally visible GDPR violations, but also to efficiently eliminate your compliance risks. Our highly specialized experts from the following fields will support you in this process:

    • Data Protection & Information Security
    • IT Architecture
    • IT Law & Corporate Law
  • Our Approach



    Compliance Audit


    We identify externally visible procedures in which personal data is collected and processed by your company and your subsidiaries.


    The identified procedures are subject to over 500 legal, organizational and IT-technical audit checks.


    Elimination of
    GDPR Breaches


    You will receive a complete documentation of the GDPR Compliance Audit. This includes among other things:

    • Documentation of all externally visible procedures
    • Overview of all GDPR breaches by your company group
    • Action plan to eliminate the GDPR breaches.

    As part of our consulting services, our experts are also available to help you eliminate the GDPR breaches on request.